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A day I have never forgotten.(Dzień,którego nigdy nie zapomnę).

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The day I will never forget.

I had been preparing for the wedding of my cousin for months especially because I was a bridesmaid .We booked an elegant ballroom, hired a band and arranged for a catering company to supply food and refreshments . Together with my mum we were in charge of the decoration and sending invitations for the wedding. I couldn't wait to take part in the ceremony and I didn't supposed what is going to happen.
Actuall day was beautiful. Sun was shining and sky was cloudless.
Guest gasped when the gleaming, flower-decorated limousine turned into the square outside the door of the church. Our uncle, smiling proudly, helped my cousin out of the car. She emerged, graceful as a swan, in her romantic white dress. The service was simple, beautiful and moving. My aunt couldn keep back her tears when the couple exchanged their vows. After the photographs had been taken we all drove off the reception which was held at a ballroom. Delicious dinner was serced, toast were proposed and we all danced far into the night .
There was a lot funny competitions which I participated. In one of them I had to dance with bridegroom.. Unfortunately I tripped and fell to the floor. I felt only an extreme pain in my arm. .
Mum take me to hospital where doctors claimed that the arm is broken and they put it into a cast. I was extremely tired so I couldn't came back to the weeding party. I decided to go back home and go sleep. Suddenly I heard knocking to the door. It was my cousin and her husband who wanted to visit me and spend time together.
Despite my accident , it was a beautiful night, one that would give me pleasant memories for the rest of my life.

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